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#11: Post by IamOiman »

I'll start out first 8)
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#12: Post by civ »

PIXIllate wrote:Or just leave it as it is ...


Team HB

#13: Post by ira »

HB wrote:I increased it to 500 characters;
500 seems plenty for me at least, but it would be really nice to have 3 lines in the text box and line wrap while entering the list.


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#14: Post by HB »

I tried it, but it could cause problems in formatting with line breaks. I suggest copy/pasting from another field. :wink:
Dan Kehn

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cafeIKE (original poster)
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#15: Post by cafeIKE (original poster) »

Thanks, Dan

Happy New Year!


#16: Post by boren »

HB wrote:I increased it to 500 characters; let me know if that's enough. For the profile on the right, it will only show the first ~100 characters, but the full field is shown in your public profile.
Thank you! 427 characters is all I needed ;-)