[new members] Posting images on HB

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#1: Post by HB »

Step-by-step instructions:
  1. Look for the Images tab in the edit window near the bottom (see below)
  2. Click the Add files button (circled in red below)
  3. Select one or more images from your computer to copy it to HB's server
  4. Once uploaded, click where the image should appear in your post and select the Place inline button (circled in red below).
Note: You may want to resize your image before uploading. Most computers come with image editors (e.g., Preview on Mac, Photos on Windows), or you can choose from one of many free image editors such as Google Photos or image convert, shrink pictures and pic resize (search on "free online resize tools" for even more alternatives). If you forget, the HB server will resize your photo automatically.

Other helpful hints:


UPDATED: Prior to the native image upload capability on this site, members used off-site image repositories. We've found that many offsite images are moved/deleted/renamed/abandoned, leaving HB pointing to invalid links. For this reason, members are strongly encouraged to upload to this site so the context of the thread's images will be available to future visitors. Inline photos also encourage more active discussion, especially for those using mobile phones. This is important given the increasing number of websites adopting image expiration policies like Photobucket's:
Photobucket wrote:We noticed that you haven't logged into your Photobucket account xxxxx for about 80 days. You still have images in this account, and some of those images are actively being viewed on other sites.

If you want to keep these linked images active, you must log into your account xxxxx by MM-DD-YYYY at photobucket.com.

You must log into your account at least once every 90 days to keep your linked images active. You can also upgrade to Pro to keep your linked images active permanently.
Thank you for taking the extra steps to upload images to HB so they will assuredly be available to future visitors. :D
Dan Kehn