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This board provides a simple personal messaging (PM) system for contacting other members. When you're logged in, an "Inbox" link is shown in the navigation bar where you can check for PMs. Some members have been confused because messages sent to others remain in the Outbox. This simply means the receiver hasn't read it yet; it will be moved to your Sent messages once it's read.

On a related note, if the receiver has "Email" checked for "Someone sends you a personal message" in their notification options, they're immediately sent a copy of your PM via their login e-mail. To protect the sender's e-mail address, the return address is set to the "no-reply" e-mail for this site.

Many members have their login e-mail = their "main" e-mail, so they may be aware of a PM message without having read it from their HB Inbox. That is, from the PM sender's point of view, it appears the receiver hasn't read it since the message is still in the sender's Outbox, but because a copy was sent directly via the receiver's login e-mail, the receiver already knows the message's content.
Dan Kehn