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#11: Post by yakster »

I agree that this forum is well moderated, I think Dan made the right call on the threads involved.

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#12: Post by Markant »

ira wrote:Funny you should complain about over moderation, this is IMHO, possibly the best moderated community I've ever been a part of. It's also almost always a polite community and the moderation keeps it that way. And always remember, it's Dan's house and he sets the rules.

Exactly! Only you omitted: well-mannered, open-minded and light-hearted.

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#13: Post by Chrikelnel »

I understand that the forum should generally be about the experience with the gear but I feel like people should know if a company calls someone a slur.

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#14: Post by HB »

I don't know what you're referring to, so are my next questions "What did person X say and where and to whom?" or "Did they later express regret for what they said and apologize?" Do we need to ask for proof of what was said? What if the offending comment was deleted? Do we accept someone's word for it? Or demand screenshots, which can be easily forged?

It becomes an even more slippery slope if some posters accurately recount what person X said and others don't. Not only is such an exchange very likely to lead to an angry, ugly discussion, it puts moderators in the uncomfortable position of deciding whether to allow the potentially libelous statements about another person to remain.

As a matter of policy and keeping within the site's Guidelines for productive online discussion, we ask that members refrain from posting private exchanges or what could be considered libelous or ad hominem comments. There are plenty to other sites that welcome heated, controversial discussions (Reddit and Facebook, to name only two that immediately come to mind).
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#15: Post by stephenmsis »

Good moderating thank you. I find it counterproductive when users of a piece of kit are discussing ideas and then it wanders off into a tired and negative narrative repeatedly. After the thread was locked again, I contributed as a site supporter, because it's the high standard of the moderation that enables such a high traffic, high quality forum.