O Canada! JRising and baldheadracing join Team HB

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The positive, helpful contributions of John (JRising) and Craig (baldheadracing) to the forum have not gone unnoticed! They have agreed to join Team HB, representing the Canadian contingency of moderators. I'm thrilled to make it official. Welcome gentlemen, eh? :D
Dan Kehn

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Do they get paid in USD?

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Congrats guys!
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PIXIllate wrote:Do they get paid in USD?
All they get is 'Team HB' - and ya can'ts take dat to da bank, eh

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Is it a coincidence that it was 34 years ago before today that a Canadian won a stage of the TDF and the H-B announcement? And which one is more important?

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Dan Kehn

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This is great! Congrats to them both.
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Great choices - Congrats!
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Two more great choices for Team H-B!

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Thanks John and Craig!
[and from someone who has moderated, thoughts and prayers... ;-)]