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I've reworded it, maybe this will help.

Display poster's profile information:
  • Show always
  • Show less [and display all on click]
  • Show minimum [and display all on click]
The three options above are in the control panel. The links on the right are shortcuts. It toggles between that and "Show less", which is the default, and "Show always". If you want "Show minimum", it's only settable from the control panel.
Dan Kehn

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#22: Post by ira »

Sorry, I have show less selected in the control panel.

When I'm reading a message, if I click the posters name their profile expands, again and it goes back to less.

But, when I click the name and it expands and the very bottom of the profile is a "button" that says "show all" but since it's already in show all, clicking it seemingly does nothing but change that message to "show less." Now that it says "show less" clicking it puts the profile back to my choice of show less. If clicking the name expands and contracts the profile I don't understand the point.

But you've changed it since then, now it lets me toggle between "Show always" and "Show less" as if I'd gone to settings and changed it and it no longer shows up incorrectly. It does a bit strange to be able to change your settings while reading a message, it's the only place I can think of this happens.

Would it make more sense if it could expand all the profiles on this page or this thread and not change the global setting? Now that I know what it does, I'll just never press is, but I struggle with what the goal was.

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ira wrote:...I struggle with what the goal was.
I changed the default from "show all" to "show some"; to avoid confusing those who don't read threads like this, I wanted to provide a convenient way of changing back and forth, since most members probably don't look in the control panel, especially under "Profile" where phpBB puts all custom stuff like this. Under Board Preferences > display options would make more logical sense, but would be even harder to find.

Anyway, in the latest go-around, it says "Show always", which hopefully makes more intuitive sense.
Dan Kehn


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HB wrote: This is starting to feel like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie..
:oops: Can the full profile or contact button be accessible without clicking the dropdown first? :oops: I know I's only one extra click :mrgreen:

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#25: Post by cafeIKE »

It's perfect as is for six nines...

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I agree with cafeIKE that less is more...
exidrion wrote:Can the full profile or contact button be accessible without clicking the dropdown first?
Your suggestion does have merit, but to do it right, I'd have an option to pick which poster profile fields I want displayed (e.g., I'm only interested in their real name and contact). That would eliminate the need for three fixed categories (all, some, minimum).
Dan Kehn