Missing ad banner at the top?

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I noticed in the last couple of days or so that I do not see ad banner at the top any more. I tried to attached a screenshot below. I am not sure if it is my browser.

Also, I noticed the tag line at the top, below "Home-Barista.com", is not always consistent. Sometimes it will show "Your guide to exceptional espresso", and sometimes it has "Your guide to exceptional coffee".

I know many would have rejoiced when we do not see ad :). I figured because this wonderful site relies on ad, too, if there is a problem, you should know.

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Thanks for letting me know!

A few days ago I added some code to handle country-specific ads for some sponsors (e.g., iDrinkCoffee operates in Canada and the USA). I may have introduced a bug. :oops: I think it's working correctly now. By the way, active members can suppress ads in the UCP, not that I recommend it.
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