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I joined in 2013 and have over 1400 posts with advice, problem-solving, experiments, etc. But I have been away since Sep 2021 for various personal challenges.

My Flair espresso maker cracked and I came to post a WTB for a portafilter as I imagine there are unused ones floating around out there. I was shocked to see I have been "de-registered" from buy/sell and the rules for the pathway back seem to require months of postings or paying.

Am I really part of the danger here in terms of the advertised reason of preventing spam? Should years of contributions really become irrelevant due to a "community algorithm"? Does trust evaporate without constant reassurance? Is this a cult :shock:
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If you don't want to be a supporter, in recognition of your over 1400 posts, I'll gladly bypass the rules for you. Post your WTB in this forum and I'll move it to the Buy/Sell forum.
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