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#1: Post by spressomon »

Other forums I belong to ... yeah besides FB :D ... have a "like" button feature. Might save some clutter and chatter within the threads when we want to give kudos for whatever ...
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#2: Post by SJM replying to spressomon »

Maybe a "thank you" button rather than a "like" button. When someone suggested it at another forum I thought it was an entirely dim idea, but I was overruled and it turns out I like it. Thanking is required in polite society; a "thank you" button could replace two posts: "Thank you" and "You're welcome".


#3: Post by SAB »

spressomon wrote:Other forums I belong to ... yeah besides FB :D ... have a "like" button feature. Might save some clutter and chatter within the threads when we want to give kudos for whatever ...
Good idea. I think the "like" button is more universal than a "thank you" button, personally.


#4: Post by MadBarista »

The thank you button is a much better idea. I'm on another forum that has the 'like' button system. It seems to have degenerated into a tool for ego boost. Often, unproductive or snarky comments are made just to get that like (whether it was intentional or not).

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#5: Post by dominico »

I'm surprised I haven't seen a "+1" post in this thread yet...
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#6: Post by leon »

I'm on another forum that uses the "thank you" button, and it seems to work well. I'd prefer that to a "like "button.

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#7: Post by drgary »

I encouraged Dan aka spressoman to post this after appreciating a new restoration thread where the photos and craftsmanship are truly outstanding. It may not ever reach the frequent views as a FAQ or Favorite but is certainly notable. To me that's a Like instead of a Thank You. Here's that thread. The title alone might not draw the attention I think it deserves.

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#8: Post by shawndo »

a "like" or a "+1" would help. Anything that would show a number next to a post.
Among other things it might help make consensus clearer on debatable topics.
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#9: Post by Nunas »

I try to be helpful, having posted many responses with suggestions on this facility. Frankly, my ego is sufficiently assuaged that I don't need to receive any 'likes' or '+1s'. I must confess, though, that I have posted some +1s, but usually appended my views on the matter at hand. So, call me a Luddite, but I'm in favor of things remaining fairly simple. I can deal with the clutter of +1s and their ilk.

Also, having created, hosted and in some cases ran similar facilities on our nunas.com server, I am aware that some things are easy to implement while others may be difficult. Most bulletin boards are created using software apps. As such, they have a number of impeded features which differ among the myriad choices. So, if some feature is available on one bulletin board (say a 'like' button), it may not be available on others (maybe, this one). This does not mean it is impossible to add, but it may require installing additional modules, scripts or writing custom scripts. All of this to opine that the volunteers who created and run this facility have already given a lot, and adding more features will require more effort, perhaps of significant magnitude.

The bottom line for me is I'm exceptionally grateful for the efforts of the dedicated folks that run this BB and have no burning desire to cause them any more work. Equally, I respect the right of free opinion, and have no desire to stifle suggestions for improvements. But, do suggest that we temper our expectations.

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#10: Post by jbviau »

I'm in the "something like this is needed" camp. I find especially useless the posts where someone quotes a *long* passage and then simply appends "+1"--just came from a thread featuring a good example that I'd only visited because there was a new post in it. Wasted trip. It's clutter. I'll get over it either way though. 8)
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