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#1: Post by DerSchoeneBahnhof »

Currently there are latte art posts within the "Tips and Techniques" forum.

I wonder if it would make sense to have a new "Latte Art" forum as there is not a lot of activity on that topic (understandable considering the time investment needed to learn and practice latte art) and it gets diluted within the other posts in "Tips and Techniques".

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It may be a chicken-and-egg problem, but based on a quick search for "latte art" in the subject for the last year, there's only been 13 threads; there's 212 threads in the site's history. My rule of thumb for a dedicated forum is > 1000 threads and regular activity (see Should there be a forum about water? for previous example and alternatives like tagging).

My casual observation is that latte art was a really hot topic years ago and it's been surplanted by more coffee-related topics (e.g., light roasted coffee, which was barely a topic of discussion 10 years ago). However, I'm open to the idea if there's enough interest.
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#3: Post by MNate »

Subject of a how-to? Most looking for this, I'd gather, are fairly new to the site and they may have better success finding it there than buried in a forum. We tend to also have links to popular latte artist/teachers that really do the work for us: just watch these videos (if we're alright with doing that officially).