Jeff joins Team HB

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A little member trivia: Over 15 years ago, Jeff was among the first 300 members to join this site. Has it really been 15 years? :shock:

When he first joined, Jeff was really active for a year or so, dropped off the map for six years, came back briefly, dropped out again, and then returned in June of this year with renewed enthusiasm. Several moderators and I noticed how helpful he's been in the forums. His posting style is just right for a moderator; he's patient, informative, and encourages fruitful discussions.

Jeff's agreed to join Team HB. Welcome Jeff, and hope you hang around this time! :lol:
Dan Kehn
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#2: Post by yakster »

Great news, thanks Jeff for joining Team HB!

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#3: Post by TenLayers »

I agree, his contributions are above and beyond.

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#4: Post by Nick111 »

This is very good news.
Thank you Team HB.

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#5: Post by guijan12 »

Welcome Jeff, to Team-HB. :D


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#6: Post by doubleOsoul »

Fantastic news. Glad to hear you're a part of the team!


#7: Post by Mountain »

Jeff knows his stuff and is an articulate writer. Great addition!