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#1: Post by HB »

Ira is among the earliest HB members, joining in 2007. He's been a regular contributor, giving great advice on repairs; his calm demeanor is also much appreciated! It may not be well known, but he's a moderator from way back in the BIX* bulletin board days. It's with great pleasure that we welcome him to officially join Team HB. :D

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#2: Post by yakster »

Good choice, congratulations Ira and HB, this forum is in good hands.

I've known Ira from the BehmorThing and RoasterThing software package, He's always been giving back and willing to help and listens to feedback.

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#3: Post by ira »

Why thanks for the welcome, I forget about that, I've since abandoned the Behmor for an Ikawa Pro and it seems like Artisan won that race. Anyway, glad to be here.

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#4: Post by TenLayers »

I agree, another good "hire!"

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BaristaBoy E61

#5: Post by BaristaBoy E61 »

Congratulations Ira!

A great choice, you've always had my ear especially for all things electrical or electronic - and for good reason!
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#6: Post by Brewzologist »

Congrats Ira! I learned a lot from you in my Behmor days and continue too.

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#7: Post by spressomon »

Congratulations Ira! Its nice to be formerly recognized for making HB all the better!
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#8: Post by Nick111 »

I have learned a lot from Ira. This is happy news.

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#9: Post by LBIespresso »

Geeze, I've read so many helpful posts from Ira that I thought he was already on the team. Congrats!
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