IPhone rotated picture work around

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There is a bug in some iPhones that causes a picture to be imported to this (and other sites) in an orientation other than the one it was taken. It looks fine on the iPhone. Looks fine in Photoshop. Looks fine in many places.

But when uploaded, it is sometimes sideways. Rotating it in Photoshop didn't fix it for me.

However simply saving it as is in PNG format (which I guess strips the so called intelligent headers) makes it work fine.


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DJR (original poster)

#2: Post by DJR (original poster) »

UPDATE: I found another easy way to deal with the bug that causes iPhone pictures to sometimes come in rotated.
  1. Open in Preview that comes with the Mac (not Photoshop!)
  2. Save as PNG.
  3. PNG file will appear as it will appear.
  4. Rotate the image if necessary.
  5. Save.