IP blacklist stringency?

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#1: Post by Greg » Nov 07, 2019, 4:27 am

Hi - I tried to post something earlier this evening while on my VPN but got a message saying that my IP had been blacklisted and to check it on a blacklist site. I did check, and my IP was ok on 78 out of 80 the blacklist sites listed. (screenshot attached)

How does HB determine whether to regard an IP as blacklisted? Are the two blacklist sites on which my VPN's IP is blacklisted especially stringent (and therefore worthy of more heavily weighted consideration)? Does HB block the IP if even one of those 80 reports the IP as blacklisted?



#2: Post by ojt » Nov 07, 2019, 6:30 am

At least the SPFBL list is for email servers and related infra. My IP was also listed, stating that my "IP was flagged due to misconfiguration of the e-mail service or the suspicion that there is no MTA at it".

I really don't think HB would use that list for example. Check the other one out to see what it is saying.

Anyway, having done "some" of web development the forum systems and the like usually have their own spam protections, some are usable in multiple systems, some are specific. PHPBB seems to have various options for example.

Did the message tell you to specifically check that IP blacklisting site?

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#3: Post by HB » Today, 10:50 am

Greg wrote:How does HB determine whether to regard an IP as blacklisted?
To combat spammers, the site uses the free service by getipintel.net. By adding these checks for VPNs, spam has dropped to nearly zero, since almost all spammers use proxies to hide their tracks. Unfortunately, as in your case, this may inconvenience some members. If you believe your IP is being blocked in error, you can ask the getipintel developer to investigate/whitelist your IP address (see the Contact options at the bottom of this page).

BTW, the blacklist sites usually offer a IP lookup to see specifically why it's blocked. It's not always spammer activity that gets an IP flagged. Sometimes it's a misconfigured network that makes it appear spammy. Sometimes the computer is infected by malware and is acting as a spam bot. And sometimes the blacklist site is incorrect, in which case you can request your IP be whitelisted.
Dan Kehn