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#1: Post by Phaedrus »

Does anyone use a dedicated forum browsing iOS app when visiting Home Barista, and if so, can you recommend one?

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#2: Post by slybarman »

If I'm not mistaken, both HB and coffee geek are running proprietary forum software and forum browsing apps like Tapatalk are not compatible.

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#3: Post by HB »

CoffeeGeek is a proprietary platform, but HB is a modified version of phpBB. I evaluated Tapatalk support and don't see a compelling reason to adopt it. I tried Tapatalk on another forum; it does some things better than mobile phpBB (e.g., image upload and display), other things worse (e.g., speed, search, customization).

If you have specific suggestions, post your ideas to Summer of Code projects for HB. It looks very likely that I'll have a summer intern and I'd like to nail down 2-3 mini projects.
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#4: Post by slybarman »

A matter of personal preference I suppose, but I find Tapatalk very convenient for aggregating and for reading/posting forums. There are many things I like about it from the dark mode, to the ease of posting images, to the way it sorts read and unread threads.

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#5: Post by redbone »

Does this mean if implemented that we will get the constant annoyance to install the app every time we open ?

For those that don't care to use the app if become a nuisance.
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