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TL;DR - if your uploaded photos aren't oriented correctly when displayed on HB, try uploading them without rescaling. The HB server will automatically rescale and re-orient the image.

Background: Some members have noticed uploaded images are not correctly oriented, i.e., a portrait mode photo that's incorrectly rotated 90° or flipped. This is caused by smartphones that strip the EXIF data on uploaded images. For example, an iPhone offers rescaling options on upload by selecting Image size: Large, Medium, Small. Unfortunately, that option also strips off EXIF before upload, so if the photo was not taken in portrait mode or the camera was held upside down when the photo was taken, the HB server cannot correct the orientation.

Please note that independent of how you upload photos to this site, for privacy reasons, the EXIF data is stripped for all displayed images. This removes any identifiable information, including orientation, camera type, date of the photo, etc.
Dan Kehn