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HB wrote:I have mixed feeling about it. At work, we use Slack and "reaction" emoticons are almost expected. It's reached the point where nearly every message gets some reaction -- and if it doesn't, you wonder if you've done something wrong. :roll:

We had a similar discussion of the helpful button. It hasn't been a raging success and some posters seem to use it as a "I've read this message" indicator. :lol: On the other hand, most members use it judiciously, so it's actually helpful (as an added bonus, you can see only those posts you've marked helpful; a sort of cheap bookmark).
Exactly what is normal with low effort "reaction" emojis. They get ignored or if it's basically a sign that someone read it, then you focus on that for engagement reasons. I don't find the "helpful" indicator here to he helpful most of the time because it isn't always helpful or even useful. It usually looks like a Team HB member or highly engaged member that gets kudos for posting.
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:roll: :lol:

OK, OK! I see a consensus building. Thanks for your responses.

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Why not just make it a feature that people can choose to see or not in their user control panels?
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I use the "helpful" button as a means of expressing my delight and pleasure for a post w/ clarity, quality, and substance. Emoticons and emojis? I turn them off.
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I could make emoji a premium feature for supporters. :lol:
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As long as it's at the $250/year level, I guess it's OK!

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Not that there's a vote going on, but my vote is leave as is.

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Platinum level sponsorship and above to unload the emoji. :lol:

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HB wrote:I could make emoji a premium feature for supporters. :lol:
Color my support gone if you do. :P