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#1: Post by GregoryJ »

I don't know if this is new or I am just now noticing it, but the current subforum is absent from the subforum "bar".

For example, the bar usually reads: All * Marketplace * Buying Advice * Tips ...

If I am in the buying advice subforum it reads: All * Marketplace * Tips ...

If I am inside a topic I can use the "Back to Advice" button to return to the subforum, but I prefer to click the button from the subforum bar. Anyway, that's just my preference, I'm sure some prefer having it disappear from the bar :) Maybe it could be bolded in the bar to let us know which subforum we are in but also allow us to use it for navigation?

All * Marketplace * Buying Advice * Tips ...

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#2: Post by HB »

I was trying to save some space, but I see your point. It's back.
Dan Kehn

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#3: Post by GregoryJ »

Thanks Dan. I'm currently using a 9-year-old laptop with 1366 pixel width and there is still a good amount of room on either side. But, maybe there are some new subforums rolling out soon...? :)