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#1: Post by HB »

I was running a validation on PageSpeed Insights and noticed it flagged HB for having fonts that are too small. Yeah, probably true, so I've boosted the default font from a tiny 10 pixels to a luxurious 12 pixels.

I mention it here because it may cause formatting problems. Please let me know if you see anything odd layout-wise.
Dan Kehn

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#2: Post by nsgymd »

I like it!

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#3: Post by romlee »

“Be curious, not judgemental.” T. Lasso


#4: Post by TallDan »

Can we get an option to change it back in "Change text size"? It looks like it can make fonts bigger but not smaller.

I prefer smaller text and less scrolling.

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#5: Post by okmed »

Much appreciated by these old eyes. Thanks

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#6: Post by slybarman »

was wondering why things looked different on my phone today.

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HB (original poster)

#7: Post by HB (original poster) »

TallDan wrote:I prefer smaller text and less scrolling.
With very little testing, I added "small" along with default/big/huge. For those who are curious, the prior default was identified as an accessibility issue, presumably because it was hard to read, especially on mobile phones.
Dan Kehn


#8: Post by TallDan »

Thanks! Looks the same as it was before the change of the default.

Changing the default makes sense, but so does having the smaller option.

Team HB

#9: Post by ira »

Seems to me like even small is bigger than it was before, but what do I know?

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#10: Post by Nunas »

I never noticed the change. I use <ctrl+> and <ctrl-) to change the size on my confuser :wink: .