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#1: Post by HB »

Prompted by a member's suggestion, there's now an option for making contributions in support of this site. With the new contribute to HB option, you'll automatically be assigned as a seller in the Buy/Sell forum AND your profile will include a nice "Supporter" banner beneath your avatar. :D
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#2: Post by jbviau »

Done! Great idea.
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#3: Post by elbertfunkleberg »

Question (in good faith): where will the money go? I assume it will go to the running of the site, but is there a shortfall on that? It would be good for people to know. Thanks!

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HB (original poster)

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You're right, HB is not a charity, hence why I refer to it as a "contribution". Is there a shortfall? If I consider only expenses, no.

My costs include host services, domain registrations, software purchases, supplies, equipment, and some professional services associated with running a business. The balance goes towards my efforts as programmer, sysadmin, promoter, writer, moderator, and business developer. It's my hope to hire more of the "grunt" work out and invest in improvements like last year's Summer of Code. :)

For those who are curious, in addition to running this site evenings/weekends, I work full time to support my family (see my LinkedIn profile for details).
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#5: Post by Eastsideloco »

Pro tip: Make sure you are logged in before making a donation. The system doesn't seem to recognize where the donation came from otherwise.


#6: Post by jyl »

Thanks for making it super easy!
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#7: Post by RockyIII »

I just noticed this. Good idea!



#8: Post by forbeskm »

Hmm, I cannot remember if I was logged in, shows supporter so must have done something right:)


#9: Post by SweetBriar »

I'd support/subscribe in a heartbeat if there was a chat function.

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#10: Post by Chert » replying to SweetBriar »

Intriguing, but I don't see that happening. Too hard to moderate. You could probably PM someone and invite to chat by other means.
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