Article Feedback: Buyer's Guide to the Ponte Vecchio Lusso

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Lever espresso machines as a class are frequently labeled as finicky beasts that demand months of focused attention to master. The Ponte Vecchio Lusso, in sharp contrast, is exceptionally forgiving, making it an ideal candidate for an "espresso newbie" shortlist. The Ponte Vecchio Lusso has remarkable temperature predictability and represents an espresso machine that grows with the skills of the barista. Read More...
Dan Kehn


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I just noticed that this article is up (a bit late, I know EDIT: I *noticed* late. The article timing was just fine.). It looks great, and it's nice to see some more attention given to levers among the E61s and Dual Boilers towering around them in the review section! An excellent addition to the reviews and a great summary of the Smackdown, in my opinion. Will you be linking your temperature videos (or, for example, any steaming videos you may have taken, if any)?


EDIT: I also wanted to mention that I found myself nodding my head along for most or all of the article. In other words, it confirms my experiences.
Dan Fainstein
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PSA: Have you descaled lately?

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HB (original poster)

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Ponte Vecchio Lusso brew temperature tests shows the video of my initial temperature measurements using a custom thermofilter. Since the Lever Espresso Machine Smackdown was already packed with detail including KarlSchneider's thoughtful essay and Dave's milk steaming video, I decided to write a less nitty-gritty Buyer's Guide.
Dan Kehn

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#4: Post by TimEggers »

Dan many thanks for yet another great article. I waited a long time to read it and the wait was very much worth it. Thanks so much!
Tim Eggers

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