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#1: Post by WholeLatteLove »

Hi everyone,

The team at Whole Latte Love has been thinking hard about how we can connect to the community and provide a sense of normalcy in the weeks to come.

We'll be streaming throughout the next few weeks and are open for conversation. If there's a topic you'd like to discuss, let us know. Our first streaming video is on dialing in your grind for espresso and it's airing at 1PM EST tomorrow. Marc will be taking questions as they come in, but wouldn't mind some ahead of time.

If you post to this thread by 12PM EST, 03/25/2020, Marc should be able to answer your question on our upcoming stream tomorrow.
Todd Salzman
Whole Latte Love


#2: Post by HotLava »

I would love to see a demonstration how to calibrate the Ceado e5 or e6 after cleaning or doing a burr change out. I know there is a specific way to return the collar to get back to zero but have not seen any good videos.

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#3: Post by HB »

Following up on HotLava's question, I'd be interested in Mark's opinion on the purpose/value of cleaning grinders, i.e., under what circumstances is it worth doing and how often? My assumption is that it's not needed unless you prefer dark, oily coffees because there's no rancid oils to clean out.

PS: This reminds me of one of my favorite Quotable Quotes:
shadowfax wrote:It's a well-documented fact. Anyone whose cleaning routine is less rigorous than mine is a dirty chimpanzee who serves rancid-oil-infused sludge. And anyone who's more rigorous than me is an over-fastidious nitpicker with a penchant for wasting time and detergent.

--Nicholas Lundgaard, Problem with new La Marzocco GS/3
Dan Kehn

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#4: Post by HB »

Yesterday I had a fun video chat with Tracy @ WLL about how to they could engage with the HB membership:


One suggestion I had is this thread. :)

TL;DR - Do you need a break from the craziness of the pandemic? Me too! For a short bit of coffee-related distraction, tune in for WholeLatteLove's regular live streaming event. It debuts today at 1pm EST with their online video go-to guy, Marc. If you have questions, feel free to post them here or in the YouTube comments section (above).

Here's today's stream How to Dial In Grind Size for Espresso that goes live shortly:
Dan Kehn


#5: Post by Plinyyounger »

Question for the stream. First off thanks for the video information you provide at WLL and also thanks to the HB community, I've been reading for a long time and today is my first post. You all have helped me decided on a Pro 800 and I can't wait til it arrives, thank you.

What are TOP tips you would suggest that every home barista can follow to help pull a great shot.


#6: Post by wachuko »

Marc, that was great! Thank you!

Ed did a great job keeping up with folks comments and questions, kudos to him as well.
Searching for that perfect espresso!


Marc WLL

#7: Post by Marc WLL »

Thanks for the questions and comments! So much activity in comments on the live stream! Ed was awesome helping to moderate!
Doing some cleanup and prep for Friday 1pm live stream on E61 Flow Control.


#8: Post by HotLava »

Great job Marc! You must be feeling like I did yesterday after pulling 5 doubles playing with a new precision basket. Ha!

Look forward to Friday.


#9: Post by splashalot »

Hi Marc.

Really enjoyed your first live-stream.

I have two questions for your second live-stream:

Firstly, do you have any flow-control related tips for reducing bitter notes in my medium/dark roasted favourite blend (Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Kenya) from my recently (~5 weeks ago) acquired Niche Zero?

Secondly, flavours and characteristics using conical vs flat burrs. I bought a Niche Zero (conical burrs) to replace my trusty Macap M4 (flat burrs) and am noticing more bitter notes and less chocolate flavours with the Niche, as well as a reduction in body and creamy mouthfeel. This is confirmed by back-to-back testing both grinders on my flow control equipped Profitec Pro-700 at ~94c/201f and with no flow control voodoo magic used.

Is this just a conical vs flat burr thing? As my prep and all other factors are the same. I get no bitterness and great body/mouthfeel from the Macap at 94c on the Profitec, so I suspect it's not brew temp related.



#10: Post by WholeLatteLove »

Thank you all for your questions and for the discussion!

We'll be hosting our second live stream tomorrow, 3/27/2020 at the same time of 1PM EST. In tomorrow's stream we'll be covering flow control. Like last time, if you can submit any questions you have to this thread by 12PM EST tomorrow, that gives us more time to provide specific answers. Marc will respond to live questions as time allows.

Here is a link to the stream. We look forward to engaging with you tomorrow!
Todd Salzman
Whole Latte Love