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#11: Post by Prodigy »

WholeLatteLove wrote:Unfortunately we will not be selling the kits to anybody who did not buy an ECM/Profitec machine from us.
If we have a used machine, that was originally purchased from WLL but from a person other than the current owner, is there any hope to be able to buy a flow kit? I've been wanting one and regret not getting one when they were available as a stand alone kit for sale.

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I'm looking into this for you and will have an answer today.
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#13: Post by Prodigy »

Big shout out to WholeLatteLove. I was able to confirm that the original owner of my synchronika bought the machine from WLL. I was even able to get the order number and date. I now have a flow control kit on the way!

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#14: Post by heavyduty »

After an apparent miscommunication with the parts department, Todd got me the parts I needed for my machine which I installed over the weekend. My brew gauge and flow control are now working correctly and more in unison so that I'm getting a lot closer to real time feedback. I feel much more in control and not the other way around. :D Thanks to Todd and WLL!
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#15: Post by LindoPhotography »

Wouldn't think it's that big of a deal if it's a half bar higher than pump / machine gauge, interesting that a replacement gauge fixed it, I think mine is the same. Noticed earlier the pressure was slightly higher on the group gauge vs the one on the machine.

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#16: Post by heavyduty »

LindoPhotography wrote:interesting that a replacement gauge fixed it
heavyduty wrote:Todd got me the parts I needed for my machine
Todd sent me a new gauge and a new replacement flow control kit!

*Edit* To be more precise, the gauge is included in the FC kit.
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#17: Post by heavyduty »

Something trivial. On the Mechanika V Slim, I really like the pop of red that the washers on the steam and water knobs give to the overall aesthetics of that machine. I'd love to add that to the steam/water knob on my Classika. That being said, I can not find that Mechanika part on-line. I could only find the replacement black washer part for my Classika @ 1st-line Equipment. I guess I could paint that myself, but have the feeling it would probably not come out too good. Any suggestions? Anyone with better Google skills than I?
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#18: Post by salvia »

Hey Paul,
It looks like the part you're looking for is B5522056.1 based on the parts diagram on 1st line's site:
https://www.1st-line.com/technical-supp ... ka-v-slim/

I don't see any dealers listing the part online, but I'm sure if you have an ECM dealer that you work with they could order it for you.

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#19: Post by heavyduty »

Thanks Philip. Yes, I saw that diagram with the parts #. I was hoping I could find it on-line, but I guess not. I'll probably contact WLL or maybe Todd will
chime in. Maybe an idea for future iterations of the Classika Todd?

I don't want to go the wooden knob route because then I'd feel that I would have to change all the other parts to wood ( portafilter handle, lever, FC knob, and that gets expensive).
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#20: Post by 13ryan »

heavyduty wrote:I purchased a "refurbished" ECM Classika w/flow control from WLL which I received back in April. I think something is wrong with one of the gauges.
My Dynamic pressure is never lower than the static (per the gauges). Soon after I received the machine I realized the pressure was too high per my shots and the pucks. I'm getting tasty shots now but still don't understand the gauge readings. With a blind filter, I have the gauge on the face of the machine (static) set at 8 bar and then the grouphead gauge (dynamic) will read 8 & 1/2 bar. When pulling a shot, the two readings will be very close to each other, but like I mentioned the Dynamic pressure is NEVER lower than the Static on my machine. If one of my gauges is bad I don't know which one it is or which one to set my pressure with. I hope this makes sense. :)

BTW, since over half my drinks are Ethiopian naturals that I roast myself, I mainly use the "fresh & light roast" FC profile with great success.
Hi Heavyduty,

So glad I found this forum post! I purchased a Profitec Pro 600 in August from WLL and I have the same problem as you noted.

I tried reaching out to WLL directly via their online chat and they told me this was normal... I'm thinking I will link this forum post to them to see if they could also send me a replacement Flow control kit and gauge as well. Or hopefully Todd will see this :)

Also, Heavyduty, my flow control knob turns a full 2 revolutions, instead of the 1 and 1/4 turn seen on WLL YouTube videos on their flow control devices. Was this also the case for you?