What Size of Bags of Coffee Are Best For You?

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#1: Post by jackrabbitcoffee »

Good Morning, just been thinking about bag sizes. Most of the other craft roaster I know have 12 oz bags and then maybe offer a 2 pound bag also. I also notice more roasters going to a 10 oz bag. We offer a 12 ounce and 16 ounce. On our website, in our own coffee shop, and also in some small gift shop places that sell Jackrabbit we overwhelmingly sell more 16 ounce. To the point that when our 12 ounce supply runs out I don't think we will re-order. What size of bags do the Home-Barista members prefer?

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BaristaBoy E61

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jackrabbitcoffee wrote:What size of bags do the Home-Barista members prefer?
When trying a new bean, I prefer buying the smallest bag possible, usually 250g. That way I'm not stuck with something I don't like (especially since in-laws live out-of-town). :mrgreen:

I'll often try 2 or more types of coffee from the same shop/roaster at the same time hoping that we'll like at least one.
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#4: Post by spressomon »

I purchase 12oz, 2lb & 5lb bags...assuming there is a financial incentive to upsize. There is one roaster I buy from once in awhile who prices 12oz and 5lb bags at the same per ounce price; no bueno & hence only 12oz gets bought from them.
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#5: Post by CSME9 »

1lb @ a reasonable price.

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#6: Post by lancealot »

16oz & 5lb

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#7: Post by StoicDude »

I'm kind of new to the game, but I normally get 16 if I can.

However, it seems that most "specialty" coffee has gone to 12oz.

I got into coffee about 4 years ago and about two years ago all the local guys raised their prices about 2-4 dollars a bag.

Then last year some opted not to raise prices again, but instead decreased the weight and kept the prices. Some are at 10.5 Oz now.

I'm with what somebody else said on here, if you have larger packages, it should be lower priced per weight compared to buying 5, 1 lb bags.


#8: Post by AnotherADDiction »

I agree that having a small size to try out a bean, or a "sampler" offering would be nice.

After liking something, and buying it again, I definitely like 1,2, and 5 lb. bags.

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#9: Post by Jeff »

250 g is about two shots a day for a week.

A 12 oz bag is just short of three a day for a week. I can understand why people prefer full pounds if they're trying to work on a weekly refresh.

I find 100 g or 4 oz bags enough to try for espresso (5 or 6 shots). 50 g is plenty for a sample for filter.


#10: Post by BaristaBob »

If it's a coffee I really love, then 2 lbs. is my go to. I do three double shots in a day, and also prefer two different coffees to choose from week to week.

New coffee or roaster, 10oz. bag or less.
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