What Size of Bags of Coffee Are Best For You? - Page 4

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#31: Post by VO3CRAN »


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#32: Post by massjava »

Usually 5 lbs for the free shipping. Divide into 12 oz mason jars and freeze at -20C in non self defrosting freezer.
Beans are OK up to 8 weeks.
Will buy 12 oz for something not tried before.


#33: Post by Znekcihc »

5lbs of Decaf (I get a massive discount at this size) ~$80 vs $20 for 12 oz

12 ounce for Caf as I want the freshest for this flavor


#34: Post by Petraidm »

5 Lbs of my Daily Driver every 4 weeks.
Typically 2 Lb of something different that I want to try. I do not like 12 oz packages because they are uneconomical and they are too small to experiment with.


#35: Post by Espressmyself »

12 oz is my preference since I'm always trying new coffees and this now appears to be the default Small size for the majority of roasters I use. I also do my own roasting - 500gm at a time from Hacea


#36: Post by chr514 »

250g for filter, 1lb for espresso.


#37: Post by Znekcihc »

5 lbs because of the price, but allows me to share with all my friends and family.


#38: Post by bmikeee »

I like 2lb for blends I'll make milk based drinks with and 1lb for the single origin that I am drinking straight. I have bought 5lb bags before and had to use 2 airscape containers to store them, that was a blend.
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#39: Post by antopoftheworld »

I try to go for roasters that sell the full pound.