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#81: Post by wachuko »

Newsasquatch wrote:Haha yeah i knew it wouldnt be great but it should be better than my nespresso pods, and id be happy enough with that improvement!
Understood... just having some fun at your expense.

Seriously, will let others chime in... but if buying pre-ground you will have to work with dose amount, tamping, etc. to account for being unable to dial-in the grind for the machine.

Offer was real... if you get your machine, I can let you borrow a manual grinder... grinding just before is the way to go...
Searching for that perfect espresso!

Wachuko - LMWDP #654


#82: Post by Newsasquatch »

Well thank you so much for the offer! I may take you up on that offer!


#83: Post by wachuko »

Well... so much for ordering a small bag of Rescue Freedom... I liked it a lot... 1 kilo it is...

Down to my last 1lb of Lionshare... so ordering some more of that as well...

I need to let my father-in-law make his own coffee... this situation of me making all the espresso at home is depleting my stash wayyyyy too fast. :lol:
Searching for that perfect espresso!

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#84: Post by belegnole » replying to wachuko »

You need a tip jar....
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#85: Post by wachuko » replying to belegnole »


These arrived today... never thought I would long for a hint of blueberry in my espresso... I think is espresso time just about now...

Searching for that perfect espresso!

Wachuko - LMWDP #654


#86: Post by caffeineme »

SO saw me wearing the t-shirt and commented on how nice it looks........ so I ordered a bag of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and requested a XS for her. What a score! Thank you very much for offering them, they look great, and they are VERY soft compared to other t-shirts.

Back to the Yirgacheffe.... anyone tried pulling it for espresso? If so, what parameters did you finally arrive at? At least 5 days rest, I'd imagine too?