We made a thing! Pre-order open for Rocket drain tray mod.

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#1: Post by pantechnicon »

Yay! We made a thing! Folks have been asking for a while now if there was any way to adapt our Acaia Lunar scale drain tray mod to fit the Mozzafiato, and Giotto. Now we can! (COMPATIBILITY: FITS Mozzafiato Evoluzione Type v, Rocket Giotto Evoluzione Type v, Rocket R60V, or Rocket R58 )
It's a tight squeeze, but by designing our own drip tray, and designing a little diverter spout for the E61 brew pressure discharge, we made it all work.
Let us know if you have any thoughts or questions, and because we appreciate yall, we are offering HB members a 10% discount using code HBROCKET, limit one use per customer, offer ends 11/1. (If you are a US customer and want the bundle with the Lunar scale, use code HBROCKETBUNDLE)

Pre-order is currently open and will ship the week of 11/23/20. The first batch is already 15% sold so, get in early.
https://www.pantechnicondesign.com/prod ... nar-scale

This kit is the easiest way to add a shot timer and brew weight to your Rocket espresso machine. The Acaia Lunar auto-tare - auto-start mode is awesome, and makes keeping track of your brew ratio super easy. Set your cup on the scale, BOOP, auto tare. Start your shot, and the timer starts automagically! Want to trouble shoot some extraction problems? Cruise over to the app and have a peek at your flowrate. This can help you figure out if you have a distribution or uneven extraction problem.

We designed and fabricated a drop-in replacement for your Rocket Mozzafiato, or Rocket Giotto drain tray to mount the Acaia Lunar brew scale flush with the surface of the drain tray. This gives you more room to work, easily accommodating your ceramics, Lunar scale, and double spout portafilter. No more wiggling your cup under the spouts just so! We also include a 3d printed diverter spout for the brew exhaust port. (You will officially be living in the future with a 3d printed thing on your espresso machine!) This little detail just keeps your scale clean by directing that little spray of coffee into the drain. Oh, and we also include a rubber micro-USB plug to keep the coffee schmoo out of your chargy bits. It's the little things. No really, those plugs are super tiny.

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#2: Post by Promo7 »

Is it okay to flush on to the scale?

pantechnicon (original poster)

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Thanks for your question! The Acaia Lunar scale is an amazingly precise piece of measurement equipment, and they have done a fantastic job ruggedizing it for coffee applications. That said, by putting it in the drain tray there is a lot more coffee gunk and water that can come into contact with your scale. We have done our best to design the kit in such a way that the water quickly drains away and contaminants are kept out of the works, but you still need to take care of your scale. It is not recommended to douse your scale with hot water or let it become dirty with coffee goo. The boiling water will cause the adhesive that attaches the display to the scale to eventually let go. Also, if you want good measurements, you don't want varying amounts of water pooling and dripping off the scale itself. You also need to make sure to empty your drain box before the liquid reaches the bottom of the scale.


#4: Post by MadMaz »

That looks awesome! Are there any plans for similar mod for other brand drip trays? ... ecm/profitec?

pantechnicon (original poster)

#5: Post by pantechnicon (original poster) »

Maybe eventually. What do you have?


#6: Post by frank20 »

In for a ECM Synchronika drip tray mod!


#7: Post by stanleyleecm »

Add quick mill to the wishlist please!

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#8: Post by JDW_ATX »

+1 for a Synchronika tray!


#9: Post by JP2019 »

Agree, same concept can be added to the ECM. Would love to purchase! Please make one for us. :)


#10: Post by Silentsim »

any plans for a lelit Bianca one?