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Thanks John for building and standing behind my all time 12 years favorite grinder !
Will ask Laura for the kit when ordering new burr set and belt.
Thanks again for supporting us, Versalab lovers :P
Love is in the air, Taste it!


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The instructions for alignment of early Versalab M3 grinders is located at We will shortly be adding the information about the tools necessary to accomplish this work. It can also be seen below.

Note that all this pertains to grinders made before 2013. Serial numbers before 327 - with the exception of 331.

Alignment tools

To perform the alignment you will need a magnetic indicator stand and a lever style test indicator that reads at least to .01mm or .0004", hex wrenches both 5/16" and 3/8", some plastic and steel feeler gauge stock. It is best that you would also borrow or buy a torque wrench and hex sockets to suit. A better stand and indicator will be handier but will add considerable to the cost.

Inexpensive stand and indicator.
eBay <$22 free shipping. It can measure to .01mm (.00039"). This suffices to get the job done. ... 2749.l2649

Better stand and indicator
From measures to .0001". Requires a better stand with fine adjustment since the measuring range is reduced.

sku 303-3210A indicator ~ $46 on eBay or $58 direct. On eBay search on Shars .008

sku 202-6021 stand $23.35 direct

Torque wrench
$46 for the wrench and $12 for the sockets - from Amazon
eTORK (C2250) 3/8-Inch Drive"Click Style" Torque Wrench (50-250 Inch lbs./60-280 dN.m)
TEKTON 1375 3/8-Inch Drive by 3/8-Inch Hex Bit Socket, Cr-V
TEKTON 1374 3/8-Inch Drive by 5/16-Inch Hex Bit Socket, Cr-V

How to get started!
Versalab will provide the following. Basically at the cost price [including shipping price to us] plus a little money to cover our time putting this together.

Alignment tool kit $42 + shipping
Includes cheap stand and indicator, two hex wrenches, feeler gauges.

Optional torque wrench additional $58 + shipping .
This is the torque wrench listed above plus the two necessary hex sockets.

If you are buying the tools yourself instead of from Versalab, you should still let us know so that we can supply the feeler gauges. There will be a steel .004" and .030" piece for several alignments and three each of .002" and .004" plastic for centering the bottom burr. $7 for these + postage.

If you prefer the more expensive stand and indicator please purchase them yourself.

Please let us know by email what you would like to do. We will want payment at order, and we will wait for three orders before we will source the tools. If time drags on waiting for three orders, we will go ahead with less orders.


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I need to add that included with the kit are two pins to help hold the shaft from rotating. The pins are included since we expect that some may have lost or mislaid those that came with the grinder, and two because while the later grinders - even before 2013 had changed from the 3/16" diameter to 1/4" diameter.

In addition will be two washers. These will take the place of the moving wiper thickness when fastening the bottom burr driver onto the shaft for measuring the burr wobble.

The price for the feeler gauges and all these extra bits becomes $9 + postage.

Reason: Added John's note in a follow up post regarding price for upgrades as he was unable to edit this one.


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So far we only have three takers for the kit or parts for burr alignment checking and correcting. If you think you should be on our list, you should email