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We shipped out the free espresso to the winners of the Jackrabbit Coffee give-a-away. However, we think you all that didn't win deserve some Jackrabbit also! Through this weekend we are offering free shipping on our espresso to HB members. Use the coupon code HBSHIP to have the shipping discounted from your order. Enjoy! ... -espresso/

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Thanks! Who doesn't love free shipping? :D BTW, I tried Jackrabbit Espresso prior to Monty becoming an HB sponsor. It's an easy-going medium roast "comfort" type espresso that I really liked. It plays nicely in milk and straight up.
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Thank you everyone that ordered during this promotion! Feel free to leave any feedback on your espresso here you can pm also. Enjoy coffee and have a great day.


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Okay, you asked, here goes.

I ordered one pound of Jackrabbit Espresso last Sunday (Oct. 31st) with the expectation I would make it into the next days roast (Monday Nov 1st). My order was processed and shipped Tuesday. It arrived today, right on time. Packaged well!

My "issue" -- the coffee was roasted 10/25. Or the Monday roast before I ordered (a full week). Every indication is you roast Mondays and ship within 48 hours.

Is this normal? Did my order slip past quality control? Your website, your bags, and your story all speak of "fresh roasted". Does this not mean roasted to order? I have a hard time purchasing coffee online if the roast date is a roll of the dice.

All that said -- it's only 13 days old on delivery. I'll certainly crack the bag and let you know what I think tomorrow. It's just past the age I like to use or freeze darker beans.

Thanks! Dustin

jackrabbitcoffee (original poster)

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Hi Dustin, thank you for commenting. We roast Mondays and usually Thursday or Friday also. I know that week we had roasted a lot of espresso and shipped a couple bags out of our stock. I'm sorry if our labeling and website is misleading, and you are the first person to ever have a complaint like this. However, it could easily be there have been some that just didn't say anything! That coffee was definitely getting to the edge of where we are comfortable sending it out. I'm going to PM you a coupon code to help make up for this. Enjoy your coffee!


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I was lucky enough to win the Jackrabbit Coffee giveaway. Monty was kind enough to send me the Jackrabbit Espresso and Around the World blend, which I have enjoyed. I am currently pulling shots daily with both varieties, typically 18 g in and 34 out. I use a spring lever and do a fairly long pre-infusion with shots taking about 30 seconds from first drip. I enjoy both the coffees more and more each day as they develop post-roast and I fine tune the shots.

The Around the World Blend is a blend of Brazil, Guatemala, and Columbia beans. I find this a mellow, easy drinking coffee that is balanced, and not too acidic. It does have some milk chocolate tones but is subtle. The Jackrabbit Espresso is balanced as well, but has more milk chocolate tones for sure. I really enjoy this in milk-based drinks, and my wife likes this as an Americana.

Overall, I'm really enjoying both coffees, but if given the choice, I would go with the Espresso blend as the milk chocolate flavors are quite nice. Of note, I received these over a week ago with roasts dates within a few days of shipping. The roast dates are now 10 and 13 days out, but the coffee has improved over this time with great development of flavors and certainly continues to produce great shots.

Thanks again to Jackrabbit Coffee for the giveaway and now the free shipping promotion!


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Here are some pics to go along with my post...

The shot on its own is the around the world blend. The cappuccino is the espresso blend. Don't judge the latte art too harshly!