Timemore Black Mirror Nano Coffee and Espresso Scale - Now in stock!

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Now in stock at Prima!

The Timemore Black Mirror Nano is an affordable, highly versatile and accurate brewing scale. Though technically classified as an espresso scale, its slightly larger platform and angled screen will accommodate any server (even a 10 cup chemex!). The Black Mirror Nano features a resolution of 0.1g and a max weight of 2kg, further optimizing it for both pour over and espresso uses. In addition to two helpful auto modes where timing and weighing begins automatically, the Black Mirror Nano also includes a flow rate mode that tracks approximate ml per second. This feature is helpful practice for those new to pour over brewing, or anyone looking to increase consistency brew to brew.


- 2kg x 0.1g max weight and resolution
- Timer function
- Flow rate tracking
- Espresso and pour over modes
- Rechargeable lithium ion battery with type C charging
- Hard on/off switch (plus soft on/off w/ capacitive touch)
- Fits almost any espresso machine drip tray, plus any standard server or Chemex
- 15 hours continuous use per charge


- Dimensions: 102mm wide (without heat pad), 106mm wide (with heat pad), 114mm long, 20mm height (without heat pad), 23mm height (with heat pad). 263g weight (with heat pad).
- Made in China
- Aluminum body, plastic platform

Espresso and Espresso Timer Mode

In this mode, when a cup is placed on the scale it will auto-tare. Then, when the scale detects droplets of espresso landing in the cup, the timer will start automatically. When the brew cycle is complete and the shot glass/cup is removed, timing and weighing both stop automatically and the recorded values will flash on the screen for about 15 seconds before resetting. If you remove the shot glass immediately after the shot is done, the scale will reset quickly back to zero time and weight.

Pour Over and Pour Over Timing Mode

Place your brewer, server, filter and coffee grounds on the platform. Once ready to brew, quick-press the timer button and wait for the 3 second countdown. After the countdown, the weight will auto-tare. The timer will begin as soon as water starts flowing. If the brewer is removed, the timer will stop and the brewing time will flash (40 second minimum for this to happen). If you put the brewer back on the platform and quick-press the timer button once more, it will continue weighing and timing. Quick press the timer button again to end recording.

What's In The Box?

- Timemore Black Mirror Nano Scale
- USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable
- Silicone Heat Pad

Check out the Timemore Black Mirror Nano Scale at the link below:

https://prima-coffee.com/equipment/time ... 1-timem-sp
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