Rocket and Quick Mill back in stock!

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#1: Post by chriscoffee »

Our container load of machines and grinders arrived yesterday! It's taken us 2 full days to carefully check them all in, post to inventory, and start chipping away at all of our pre-orders. ... nes/rocket ... quick-mill

For those of you waiting - we appreciate your patience! We are working tirelessly to get all of the machines bench tested and shipped out as quickly as possible, without cutting corners, and making sure your beautiful new piece of equipment is working properly before boxing it back up to send it on its way.

To those of you who didn't order yet - get your orders in quick, before we sell out again! We have backup orders in place for all of our machines, but they're selling quickly.

Pop in our live chats anytime if you have any questions, or need a little help deciding which machine will best suit your needs. The only time MacKenzie or Taylor are not replying is when they're either sleeping or driving ! :)

Chris Nachtrieb
Pres. Chris' Coffee Service, Inc.

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#2: Post by scrane »

Nice Warehouse!

chriscoffee (original poster)

#3: Post by chriscoffee (original poster) »

Thank you so much! We just moved here in August and couldn't be happier :)
Chris Nachtrieb
Pres. Chris' Coffee Service, Inc.