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#101: Post by M0ohamed »

Hi Zack, and all.

I used the same grind size for both of them, I didn't want to change any variable while testing.

You can check the video down here.

espressovision (original poster)

#102: Post by espressovision (original poster) »

Hi Mohamed,

While it seems like a good idea to use the same grind size for both devices, unfortunately the CM100+ (and likely the CM200) requires a cupping style grind (70-75% passes through a US 20 sieve as described on the SCAA website). Lighttells does not explicitly state in their user manual that there is a grind size requirement, but I confirmed with them directly for the CM100+ that it is designed for a coarser grind.

Please repeat the measurements with the CM200 using the correct grind size for that device and then I can interpret the results.