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beo1329 wrote:Hi All!
I am a proud owner of a Forge. Took two months to arrive because usps started moving it after waiting for 40 days. It happens. It was worth the wait.

I was wondering about the disassembly. The main body is screwed to the head and there is a silicone o ring between them. I tried manually unscrew the two parts without any success.
I do not want to use any tools. Usually where an o ring is needed, there should not be any force used when screwing things together. I see welding marks as well and I'm not even sure why welding was needed along with the o-ring. Head inner threads and body outer threads, o-ring between them.

Anyway, did anyone disassemble the unit without using a wrench?

First off Tamás, thanks again for becoming part of the Espresso Forge family, and hope you're loving your new Forge. We spoke over email but thought it would be a great time to update everyone on what we have been up to behind the scenes.

One of our favorite attributes of the Forge is that it's a true buy it for life product, and to take it a step further, we started welding in-house the water cylinders to the top plate. No more O-ring to ever replace or accidental unthreading of the cylinder when tightening the lock ring.

We have some really exciting things we're working hard on which we can't wait to show you guys. Huge shoutout to the HB community for the support since the relaunch in November, couldn't do it without you guys.


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Very nice ring of dimes there. I'm assuming you're welding on a rotating table for a circle weld like that?

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Appreciate my business partner Shawn hopping in and showing off some of our welds. Paul, here's a video of how we are getting that ring of dimes!

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Did not expect a robotic arm! I don't know the numbers of units you make and just assumed you were still at the hand welding numbers Nice shop you have there.

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Hi Dwight,
I am thinking of picking up that newer lock ring. What thread pitch do you use these days?

My Forge was ordered in November 2016 and looks to have a 24 TPI count. I hope they are compatible.

On another note. I picked up the St. Anthony's kettle and used it for a bit to boil the water and preheat the forge. While the wooden handle is nicer to hold, the shower screen/base portion of the Forge didn't fit on the top of the kettle all that well.

I find the fit of the Forge on the Yama to be very good. The metal handle just gets too hot for my liking. I am going to put a piece of heavy ratchet strap webbing on the front and back side of the handle. I will tape it up with Rescue Tape which is self sealing and is rated for 500F. That may solve my main complaint with that kettle.

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Hey Eric,

Hope all is well on your end. The updated lock ring has a new groove cut for the band to lock in and a blunt start to make it easier on initial threading, however, the thread pitch has stayed consistent through all the versions at 1mm. The new lock ring should thread perfectly on your Forge!

Good to know about the Yama kettle, I will look into that one. Our Bonavita kettle in the shop is pretty stout and fits pretty well with the shower screen installed!


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A review of the Espresso Forge via The Radavist website for those interested!

"I value my coffee ritual each morning. As I'm sure, many of you do. The five minutes it takes me to make my americano/long black in the morning is a way to ease into a busy day. I've been using the Espresso Forge for the past year and couldn't be happier. It's not compact enough for on-the-bike outings, but I throw it in a bag and bring it on the road when I travel for events, car camp, or photoshoots."