Rancilio Silvia Pro-X: Heartwood Edition

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Pantechnicon Design is excited to offer a custom collaboration with Rancilio USA: the Silvia Pro-X: Heartwood Edition. To celebrate the launch of the Pro-X, we were given the opportunity to create a new look for Silvia, with natural materials and modern styling.

The Silvia Pro-X Specs:
  • Coffee boiler : 0.3L insulated brass
  • Platinum temperature probe for maximum thermal stability
  • 1L High efficiency steam boiler
  • 2L Internal water reservoir with water level alert
  • Commercial grade 58mm brass group head
  • Automatic Shot Timer
  • Auto-on programmable wake up time
Variable Soft Infusion
Adding to what people already love about the Rancilio Silvia Pro, the Pro-X now has variable soft infusion, allowing you to open the grounds by hydrating them without any pressure before beginning your shot. Playing with the infusion time allows for even more customization in your espresso, highlighting the acidity or fullness in your flavor profile.

Digital Display
The Pro-X features a digital display, allowing you to easily adjust the temperature of the 0.3 L brew boiler and 1.0 L steam boiler, as well as program an automatic wake up time.

From Rancilio:
  • Standard double spout portafilter, 8g and 18g filter baskets, stainless steel tamper with wood handle. 1-year parts and labor warranty.
Included with each Silvia Pro-X: Heartwood Edition:
  • Brass feet
  • Hand-finished American Black Walnut and brass steam knob - the larger size allows for more control over your steaming
  • All-In-One Drip Tray - No more fumbling around with our custom, all-in-one design. You only need one hand to remove and empty the Heartwood's drip tray!
  • Hand-finished American Black Walnut bottomless portafilter - feels great in the hand, giving you the chance to really dial in your shot and achieve espresso excellence
  • Custom .8mm thick premium grade walnut veneer body
The Silvia Pro-X: Heartwood Edition is a beautiful addition to your daily coffee ritual!

To order, click on the link below or head to our website, https://www.pantechnicondesign.com
https://www.pantechnicondesign.com/coll ... 9456898151

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