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Tampers are as diverse as the baristas who use them. Prima Coffee's new tamper meets the needs of almost any barista, whether professionally trained or newly beginning. With its durable aluminum handle and wide, smooth top, the tamper is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably into the palm unlike other overly rounded handles which can press a little too tightly into the hand of the barista, or flat topped handles which can become uncomfortable after extended use.

The base of the Prima tamper is of a hefty 304 stainless steel design. This solid steel base combined with the light, detachable aluminum handle adds balanced weight to the tamper which helps aid the barista in providing an even tamp, shot after shot.

The tamper comes standard with a free tote bag; that way whether you are at home, at work, or on the road the tamper is accessible and ready for use. Feel free to order with our online store at: or by calling our toll free number to talk to a customer service representative: (888) 837-7892.

Just be sure when you call or order online to specify whether you want the flat or convex base design as well as the size (choose between: 58mm, 57mm, 56mm, 54mm, 53mm, 51mm, 49mm)
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Knowing that I am a tamper collector, Prima asked for feedback on their value-minded offering. Below is my mini review:

The Prima Coffee is a classic tamper design with improvements an aficionado will appreciate. The balance is slightly different than the Reg Barber aluminum tamper - the Prima weighs more overall. Most of the added weight is in the handle via a stainless steel insert "button" atop the handle. It's not meant for tapping; it adds balance that an all-aluminum handled tamper lacks. The finishing is top-notch and the handle/piston seam meets precisely. The piston appears to be chromed, but is actually mirror polished stainless steel (lots of tamper pistons have the fine "grain" on the surface when turned on a lathe). The edges on the piston are gently rounded compared to the Reg Barber pistons. The Prima Coffee logo is etched on the piston. The tamper comes with a soft carrying pouch.

For comparison purposes, below is the weight of the Prima Coffee tamper versus an aluminum handled Reg Barber:
  • Prima Coffee: 475 grams overall; 276 grams for the piston, 199 grams for the handle
  • Reg Barber: 466 grams overall; 287 grams for the piston and 179 grams for the handle.
Thus the Prima is slightly heavier overall, with more weight in the handle (RB @ 62% versus PC @ 72%). I prefer the balance of the Prima Coffee, though it's a matter of personal preference.

To gather feedback on the Prima Coffee tamper, I took it and a Reg Barber to last Friday's get-together at Counter Culture Coffee's espresso lab. Dave specifically called out the polished bottom as a plus; he loved its ultra-smooth finish because he likes to finish each tamp with a polish half spin to clean the piston bottom. In contrast, Tim thought it was too heavy; he prefers the lighter heft and teardrop shape of the Cafelat line of tampers.

Bottom line: The Prima Coffee is nicely crafted and the price is especially welcome!

Note: Though they look similar, the Prima Coffee/Reg Barber pistons are not compatible. The stud that joins the handle/piston of the Prima Coffee tamper is smaller than the Reg Barber stud.
Dan Kehn