Parts for Profitec for US and related countries voltage

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#1: Post by stefano65 »

Hello to all,
we are getting more and more requests for parts (and to repair them) for Profitec machines and we are making arrangements to have them. Apart of course from the common usual/compatible/E-61 ones and common components, one of our Italian suppliers will order from Profitec DE parts specifically for the 115V specifically for us to have in stock and available.

Question for all Profitec users: Which parts are hard to find so far?

We know the heat exchanger is one of the parts we are always asked if we have, so if I will have to make a list for specific hard to find Profitec parts, what should be on the list?
  • Heat exchanger
  • Control boxes
Let me know if you like and we can start a list.
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#2: Post by Jm »

Ssrs fail regularly and seem to be out of stock everywhere


#3: Post by rhandford »

I'm not able to find high limits safety thermostat for my pro 500.

Team HB

#4: Post by JRising replying to rhandford »

Sorry if you're already aware of it, but the C199901550 has been replaced by the C199901550.1
Either will do.