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Hey everyone!
We will be sharing some current and upcoming projects over here. This should provide better access for our customers to ask questions, and see what we are up to, especially for folks not on the 'GRAM.

For those that don't know about us, I started in coffee in 2003-ish working for a few Seattle roasters where I got interested in espresso machines, roasters, and other coffee brewing equipment. Later I worked for La Marzocco R&D on the GS3 and Strada development, and started my own company in 2013 making custom espresso machines and accessories.

These days there are 4 of us here, making custom espresso machine accessories full time. The vast majority of what we sell, we actually make ourselves in-house, in our (figuratively and literally) underground factory in a quiet Seattle neighborhood. Doing so much manufacturing ourselves is quite challenging, but it gives us the opportunity to know our product very deeply, and to be more in-tune with the quality standards than is typically possible if you are outsourcing your manufacturing. It also gives us the opportunity to have really cool tools to use to make our products even better!

Our custom parts for the Linea Mini have been very successful so far, and lately we have been working on a new project we like to call "Maker's Choice". This is a series of machines that we are building, in very limited quantities, that are color and material combinations that we are excited about and haven't done before. What's more, we are offering these machines, fully customized, in stock and ready to ship, so you don't have to wait our normal 8-10 week lead time for an exceptional machine to arrive in your kitchen.

Our latest offering is a wireless-enabled black custom Linea Mini, with all black machined accessories, not available anywhere else. When the shutdown first happened in Seattle back in March, I had some time alone in the shop while everyone else was stuck at home, and was able to make a bunch of progress on parts that I had always wanted to make, but we were always too busy in production to do. The result is this Maker's Choice custom Linea Mini. Previously we had only ever made silver cup rails, but here I was able to do black anodized aluminum. We use a medical grade anodize process so that we have the highest temp rating and UV stability possible. The normal anodize black is ok for a while, but can start to go purple with UV sun exposure, so we researched this process to make sure the parts would keep looking good for years to come. We also made the legs, logo badges, steam knobs, paddle, and group cover all from scratch right here in our shop.

It's about time for us to start Maker's Choice #3, so what colors/materials would you all be excited to see? What home espresso machine model should we customize that we haven't done before?
Let us know your thoughts, and see you in the thread below!
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