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#21: Post by samuellaw178 »

Welcome back Barb and Doug, it's awesome to see you both back again!

OE will always hold a special place in my coffee journey. Hopefully you are proud to know that the leva fire that you guys started years ago is still going strong over the years! (can't believe I got this little demitasse more than 10 years ago now). Thank you for what you did for the community and looking forward to your announcement and the next exciting things OE team are working on!

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#22: Post by FotonDrv »

Welcome back! I was wondering where you had been and it is good to see you once again.
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#23: Post by mborkow »

Nice to see you two back!

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#24: Post by bill »

Hi Doug and Barb. Great news to hear you're back. I still remember the help you gave when I restored my first Conti Prestina. Cheers!

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