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#11: Post by TomC »

Glad to have them back!
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#12: Post by yakster »

I got my Faema Faemina from you, some lever rebuild kits, my Vario grinder, Lido 2 grinder, dosing funnels, and some Robot parts. Keep innovating.

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#13: Post by stefano65 »

Ciao Doug and Barb
was nice to see you again and get to chat at the show in Portland and welcome back,
arrivederci alla prossima,
Stefano Cremonesi
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#14: Post by orphanespresso (original poster) »

Thanks for the warm welcome and kind words! Also the plug about the return of the 3rd shot heat sink....first little batch almost gone!
Oh yeah, those videos...Barb spent most of the summer transferring all the files and video links to our new website. Our original website was totally homemade and our web host gave us 3 months to migrate the whole thing to a new format before they pulled the plug on the old one. I was beyond panicked that we would somehow lose the information since we really could not recreate a lot of it, especially the "so you got a Cremina" series. I occasionally go to those videos for reference and what a low res nightmare! Some of them look like we shot them in a cave by candlelight.

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#15: Post by vecchi della seattle »

Why don't you expand your Inker line up now that IDrinkCoffee gave up the line? Your Spring Biker espresso cup is in my daily rotation. Cheers!

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#16: Post by Chert replying to vecchi della seattle »

I still use my green blackcrow cappuccino cup and moka pot demitasse from OE. Maybe we should make a little gallery of images.
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#17: Post by Robert F »

Very good to see you here. I rebuilt my first and only machine, a 1983 Cremina with your parts and excellent videos. Otherwise it would probably still be in a closet today.

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#18: Post by yakster »

I rebuilt my first lever, a FE-AR La Peppina with the excellent rebuild guides and have referenced the Faema Faemina guides and videos as well, great stuff.

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#19: Post by drgary »

Hi Doug and Barb,

You're baaack!

I enjoyed our visit at SCA. Please let us know if you're in our area, just north of Portland, even on short notice. We would love a visit.

If you stop by you'll see some old friends: the Lady Duchessa you beautifully restored, now with a double spring, the first run LIDO 1 you signed and equipped with a blue catch jar, the Conti Prestina you coached me on restoring, the list goes on.

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#20: Post by fdehlvi »

Barb & Doug - welcome back!