One More Robot Accessory from OE

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This one is pretty self explanatory.

Our working name for this was "The Cheater", being colloquial speak for this kind of make a task a little easier type tool. Our marketing department (Barb) did not think this was a viable name for this crackerjack accessory. But it exists because we acknowledge that many people are REALLY attached to the OEM tamper and just need, well, a cheater.

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orphanespresso wrote:This one is pretty self explanatory .
Glad you think so. I have no idea what I'm looking at!
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Keeps the original tamper from moving side-to-side, promoting a level tamp. The tinker-toy-looking holes, I assume, are to mitigate suction that might otherwise unseat the puck. Looks to be another helpful accessory from OE. I personally prefer the clean use of their screen tamper and use that along with their rake on every shot.

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Ahhh. Now I realize that I did not include the actual name of this tool "Self Leveling Collar for Original Cafelat Robot Tamper". Oops! Gabe got it exactly. And agree, I prefer the rake and screen tamper system but recognize that getting a level tamp using only the original Robot tamper is skill that some, but not all, possess.