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Welcome to the Pantechnicon!

Step into our workshop and bear witness to espresso-mechanical artistry. Leveraging all of our combined industry expertise and passion for percolation, we create luxurious espresso machine kits and customized espresso platforms.

Experience the satisfaction of a machine built to your specifications, or finally get the hand finished wood accessories for the machine you already own.

Our Seattle-based company is saturated with a DIY ethos. If there is a fabrication process we need in order to achieve a design, we make the tools we need in order to succeed. We constantly reflect, evaluate, and iterate our work, striving to reach ever higher levels of refinement. Through this constant attention and focus, we create work that we hope will inspire our clients and bring joy to the ritual of coffee.

Our latest project is an accessory set for the new Linea Micra!

**Pre-order now for the first production run of Walnut and Maple and save 10%. Expected ship date is 2/10/23.**

Check out the Linea Micra set and see what else we've been working on at our website:

We look forward to sharing more promotions and new products as we develop them, and thanks again for your support!

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The latest machine from the Rancilio Home line is the Silvia Pro X.

The Silvia Pro X is packed with features, including dual PIDs and dual boilers for excellent temperature control, a programmable digital display and shot timer, and soft infusion to let you experiment with all types of coffees. Purchase now from Pantechnicon Design and upgrade for free!

Upgrade bundle includes:
  • Pantechnicon All-in-one drain tray
  • bottomless portafilter in black walnut, hard maple, or white oak
  • custom steam knob in black walnut, hard maple, or white oak
To order, for more information, or more fun stuff to look at please visit

Be well, and go have a coffee!