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Good Day Friends! To celebrate becoming a sponsor on Home Barista, Jackrabbit Coffee is giving away two free 1 pound bags of fresh-roasted coffee. You can choose our signature Jackrabbit Espresso blend, or if you are not into espresso you can choose our Guatemala La Magnolia. This is my favorite coffee that we have right now. We will select two winners.

Note: Due to shipping cross-border problems, the contest is limited to US addresses. Sorry!

Just reply to this post "I'm interested in trying Jackrabbit", and I'll enter your name in the drawing. I'm limiting this offer to serious HB members that have been a member for at least 90 days and have at least 10 posts. This give-away will run through next Thursday, October 21. We would love to have your feedback on our coffee! ... -magnolia/ ... -espresso/

All HB members can use coupon code HB10 for 10% off of any order.

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<< Edited to remove entries so you don't have to scroll through pages of "I'm interested in trying Jackrabbit!" posts. :D >>

OK! So here's our players:

chanty 77

To pick a winner, we're using the MVP game. It's simple: Players can draw up to three times by clicking here. As a player, you'll be shown your latest draw; you can compare it to your competitors by clicking here. Whoever has the highest score when the drawing is over Saturday at noon wins.

Any questions, let me know! And thanks to Monte/Jackrabbit Coffee for sponsoring this contest.
Dan Kehn

jackrabbitcoffee (original poster)

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Thank you Home-Barista and Dan! And a thank you to all the participants in this contest. We are looking forward to you trying some Jackrabbit Coffee!


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Wow...this is an honor. I don't normally win events like this, so I'm super stoked. A special thanks to Dan (the HB Master) for maintaining this great site for all of the coffee enthusiasts like me out there, and to Monte and all the Jackrabbit gang! Can't wait to try your coffee as espresso and in flat whites!!!! :D

Thanks again and bring it on!

Bob (BaristaBob)
Bob "hello darkness my old friend..I've come to drink you once again"


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Just as Bob stated, I'm psyched to win and am looking forward to pulling some great shots and posting my thoughts.
Thanks to jackrabbit coffee and of course HB and the entire community - I get so much joy and knowledge from this site, I truly appreciate everyone's involvement!


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I promised everyone that I'd write a short review of Jackrabbit Coffee's Espresso blend for those who expressed an interest in this here goes. Monte, the proprietor of Jackrabbit, who recently became a sponsor here on H-B, sent me a 1 lb. bag of his Jackrabbit Espresso blend. His website says, it's medium roast, flavor notes; rich chocolate. This coffee's description says, "An espresso blend of coffees from Central and South America along with Ethiopia." Monte was also kind enough to provide some starting shot parameters (19g in, 38g out, 27 sec., 200F). I tried this coffee starting 8 days after roast in flat whites and as straight up espresso. Jackrabbit calls this a medium roast, but I would say it's on the slightly darker side of medium, which actually is to my liking. The coffee was easy to pull with a silky chocolate note, well balanced. I'd agree with Dan's assessment that it's a easy going roast. I found it easy to dial in, to be smooth, with almost no acidity, with a nice silky mouth feel, and full of dark chocolate flavor. It cuts through milk easily all the way to a latte. As a straight up espresso it provides a nice layer of stable crema, with tart cherry up front, followed by a lingering chocolate finish. I did dial back on the shot parameters and found that for my taste, 18g in, 36g out, over 25-30 sec. worked best for me. Overall, I'd say it's a very solid house espresso, excellent straight up or with milk! Well done Monte.
Bob "hello darkness my old friend..I've come to drink you once again"

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Thank you @BaristaBob! I have updated our website to reflect the roast level. About a year ago we started going slightly darker with the espresso blend, and that brought out more of the chocolate flavor. Appreciate you taking the time to post here!

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Monte, thanks for changing the roast level description of Jackrabbit Espresso. It's a nice enough comfort blend - but definitely not a medium roast. After about a week, the beans develop surface oil droplets, something I generally associate with dark roasts. Medium dark is the correct roast level.

Given the roast level and my personal taste preferences, I recommend this blend for milk drinks, extracted at slightly lower brew temperatures (~190F on my DE1).