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#61: Post by Ken5 »

CantinaCoffee wrote:The coffee is one state over in Tennessee, but still held up by customs / FDA clearance. I'm told the FDA usually clears it within 72 hours, and we're past that time frame, so I'm hopeful that it will be cleared soon. Sorry it's taking so long -- it's a bummer!
How aggravating this must be for you Matt, thank you for providing this service, I know a lot of folks here appreciate it.


#62: Post by macal425 replying to Ken5 »

I second this. I'm very grateful to Matt for doing this. A lot of work for probably minimal (if any) compensation.


#63: Post by jpender »

I've wondered about the economics. Based on the apparently sequential order numbers I think he has sold something like 50 orders per month on average. The prices are pretty reasonable so a per order profit can't be that big. I have zero background in business but I think it's safe to say Matt isn't getting rich doing this.

CantinaCoffee (original poster)

#64: Post by CantinaCoffee (original poster) »

Thanks for everyone's patience and understanding! It's quite true I'm not getting rich selling coffee, but I'm very happy to be able to make this coffee available to more people (myself included). Please tell your friends and spread the word!

Also, some positive news about the latest batch - FedEx says it's finally arriving tomorrow. ::fingers crossed:: I'll send out an email update once I'm certain it's arriving.


#65: Post by MrFrench »

I can't wait!!!! Thanks so much.

CantinaCoffee (original poster)

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Hi everyone! So we did receive 1 of 3 packages today, and I'm expecting the next 2 to arrive tomorrow or Wednesday (everything has cleared customs). In the interest of getting coffee shipped ASAP, I went ahead and posted ALL of the inventory that's scheduled to arrive. Items that can ship TODAY are listed below, and the rest will ship when the remaining coffee arrives. If you place an order that includes items not listed below, your entire order will be held until the complete order can ship.

Gran Bar 250g

Crema Bar 1kg

Decaf 250g

Classic Bar 250g

Espresso Bar 250g and 1kg


#67: Post by MrFrench »

Order placed!!! I'm so stoked, I've been out of gran bar for weeks.

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#68: Post by slybarman »


Roast date 10/11

Thanks Matt!


#69: Post by jonathan_fl »

Just want to say a public thanks to Matt for all his efforts. He offered to meet me in person on a weekend so I could pick up an order when I was passing through town to visit family and delivered more than I expected. Thanks!


#70: Post by MrFrench »

Order received in cleveland Ohio. I am...excited to wake up for work tomorrow? Thanks Matt!