New Batch of Saka and Tafuri Coffee in Stock! Feb 13th 2023 - Page 15

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#141: Post by slybarman »

CantinaCoffee wrote:Paul Pratt from Cafelat also has some videos on instagram using the Robot with 14g of Gran Bar: ... NzVkMjY%3D
Can't tell 100% but looks to be 25 seconds.


#142: Post by kidloco »

I am going to try today! Thank you.


#143: Post by kidloco »

Still bitter... Is this what your Saka looks like:

I see visible oils in about 60-70% of beans

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#144: Post by Amal S replying to kidloco »

What kinda of bean is this? Gran Bar?


#145: Post by kidloco »

Yes, Gran Bar.

Amal S

#146: Post by Amal S replying to kidloco »

Weird! Since mine doesn't have any oils on it.

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#147: Post by slybarman »

as far as i know, we ordered from the same batch, so i don't think the coffee is the issue.

lighting in the various photos can change the appearance considerably.



#148: Post by jpender »

I've seen a little oil on one of the Saka batches I had last year. It wasn't Gran Bar but that's not the point. It was temporary though and made me wonder if it had to do with the conditions the package experienced during shipping.

I've also noticed some variation in the roasts. Just like with every other roaster I've tried. The last batch of Crema Bar I bought seemed especially roasty and I kept dialing the ratio down until I was pulling 1:1 shots. I also upped the dose from 16 to 18g so I could use a coarser grind. Finally I got there: that smooth, rich, chocolate minus any harshness. But it required pushing further south, so to speak, than I had done in the past.

I guess it's possible that your bag went through some bad experience on it's voyage to Singapore. Or maybe you're still overextracting for whatever reason and need to continue to reduce the ratio, grind coarser, and/or lower temperature further. If you get all way to a 5 second pull with a drip grind using 50°C water and it still tastes like ash then probably it's the coffee.


#149: Post by macaber8 »

Tried the cream bar today. Since this is the first shot I pulled, the grind is still not tuned in. I'm already more than impressed. The taste is very balanced, tho on the low acidity side.

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#150: Post by GregoryJ »

Hi there, do you know when there will be more stock of the decaf blend?