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CantinaCoffee wrote:The idea is to always keep fresh coffee in stock, but in reality it's very difficult to predict how much to order. I'm sure we'll get there one of these days...

On the upside, we do have another batch coming tomorrow! I'll post an update here once it arrives.

That's pretty fast! Thanks for the info Matt


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IamOiman wrote:That's because of me mostly :D .

Rosaria is very nice and easy to talk with. Her son Davide also works at Saka. Mr. Mitch started distributing Saka after a few group orders I did here on HB and now he seems to be going through a lot of coffee at this point.
She is very nice (as is their head roaster) and a few of them were on the stand. They roast a slightly lighter coffee for ACS at my request, mainly because not everywhere likes the very dark Neapolitan coffee.

CantinaCoffee (original poster)

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Quick update... DHL still assures me that the coffee will be delivered today, but I'm not holding my breath. It will likely be Monday at this point.

Amal S

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Can I join the group buy? Or its too late

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no group buys anymore. order directly from

Amal S

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Is it fresh roast?

Amal S

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slybarman wrote:no group buys anymore. order directly from
Unfortunately they are all sold out

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Given your location, it might well be less expensive to order directly from Saka in Italy ( )
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Amal S

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The problem is I can't order it says there's no payment method!

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Amal S wrote:Unfortunately they are all sold out
literally one post before yours Matt said more inventory today or Monday. :roll: