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#1: Post by chriscoffee »

Check our Open Box selection of the website for some really nice savings opportunities!

In other news - We have 4 LTL shipments coming in shortly with the following machines & grinders...

Mazzer ... and=Mazzer

Vesuvius ... us-sst.htm

Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo ... evoled.htm

QM67 ... -a-evo.htm

Cimbali Junior Casa ... junior.htm

Pre-Orders on Quick Mill will be open Friday 1/10/19
Chris Nachtrieb
Pres. Chris' Coffee Service, Inc.


#2: Post by Kryptonicspb »

The new v2b looks nice. I sold my old one because I was unhappy with the steam performance. I wonder if it will be following the trend of the new Bezzera and Profitec machines allowing something closer to 2 bar. Loved everything else about the machine


#3: Post by goalerjones » replying to Kryptonicspb »

I'm seeing that also with my machine. What steps did you take to try to boost the steam production?


#4: Post by Kryptonicspb »

Turned up the steam pressure to 1.6-ish bar and used a 2 hole tip. That's all you can do. I suppose on 20 amp mode it would have worked a little better but I always had 15 amp connection


#5: Post by goalerjones » replying to Kryptonicspb »

My trouble is usually when making multiple milk drinks. I have mine on 20 amp mode.