LUCCA Atom 75 Questions / Answers

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#1: Post by adam@clive »

Hey All. We just launched a new grinder today. You may see some advertising on the site. We are here to answer any questions you might have.

- Adam

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#2: Post by drH »

Saw it. Very cool concept.
How well will the automatic features work for the minority of folks with non-standard portafilter sizes, e.g., Cremina at 49mm?

adam@clive (original poster)

#3: Post by adam@clive (original poster) »

We don't have 49s as an automatic selection. There is no reason why the model couldn't accommodate that size, we just didn't do the testing. We'll see if we can get one in-house and just confirm. We pulled thousands and thousands of shots on 58s and 53s.



#4: Post by Spacekillguy »

A few questions:
  1. Is public contribution to the "database" available or allowed?
  2. Will there only be a single "dialed in" setting, or multiple options to choose from? E.g. Setting 1.5 at 1:2 for chocolate and citrus, or setting 1.7 at 1:3 for berries, etc.
  3. Will there be distinctions among blend changes? I.e. When the components of a blend change, will that change be reflected in the list of coffees?
  4. Will there be any way to recalibrate or change an offset at home? I understand the units will go through QA and all that, but is there a way for the end user to verify settings, and if something is off, recalibrate at home?
  5. Will there be support for profiles for non-espresso brew methods? Such as drip, pour over, moka pot, etc.


#5: Post by PeetsFan »

I'm very interested and I'll come by your shop to take a look at it.

My questions:
  1. I can manually tweak the automatically-created setting, right?
  2. What's the retention like for single-dosing?
  3. Do you have a published price for replacing that fancy touchscreen if it breaks out of warranty?
  4. Does it have any sensors, such as grind fineness or weight?

adam@clive (original poster)

#6: Post by adam@clive (original poster) »

Wow. Fantastic questions, Spacekillguy. Let me see if I can knock them all down.

1. Yes. The development plan for LUCCA includes a "public" coffee database where users can post their own recipes for coffees both domestically and abroad. We are currently working on a method to catalog, index, and deduplicate that database so that one can have multiple recipes for Onyx Geometry, for example - but not multiple Onyx Geometry entries. Sounds easier than it is, unfortunately. We will also incorporate reviews.

2. There can be up to six recipes for each coffee. We are not dialing them in for the prominence of certain flavors, as you have asked. We are shooting for a well-balanced, well-executed shot. However, we do allow you to do that and save the settings. Those settings can then be adjusted automatically over time and various ratios. For example, if you like a fruit-forward straight espresso 1:2 at a 37 setting, then at 10 more days off roast, that same flavor would be achieved at a grind setting of 39. You can also take that dialed-in espresso and change the brew ratio easily from 1:2 to 1:3, and the grinder will indicate the proper burr distance setting. Is it perfect, no? Is it close, yes. Also, the more data we have, the better the model gets.

3. This is a great question and we get this all the time at Mistobox. We are going to try to keep up with all the coffees and blend changes as much as possible. The database is built on both an actual and an implied Agtron score. So, assuming the roast level is consistent, the shot shouldn't vary too dramatically with slight origin changes. We might pull a different recipe with it to bring different flavors to the front, but the coffee bed resistance should be relatively static.

4. Yes. We have an at-home calibration tool.

5. Yes. The Atom 75 has a lot of range. We will be building out all of our favorite drip profiles here shortly. But again, you can also build them yourself and switch it up. I currently use my grinder for espresso on my LM and drip on my Ratio 8. I single-dose and switch back and forth quickly.


#7: Post by OK31 »

This is a bummer, I got my Atom 75 in March and love the unit but this is almost like a whole new ballgame.

Question though purely out of curiosity: so you took the Eureka unit changed the electronics and rebranded as a Lucca, is Eureka on board with it as well?

adam@clive (original poster)

#8: Post by adam@clive (original poster) »

Of course, Eureka is on board with it! We have been working with them on this for 3 years. They are doing all of the manufacturing and have helped us through CE testing in Europe. They will be selling this same grinder under their ORO brand in Europe under a licensing agreement. We have some projects currently in the works with them to add this functionality to other grinders, and have also been working with them on burr break-in. We are their largest dealer in the US and they are great, great friends of ours.

1. Yes. You can tweak any setting. The grinder isn't telling you how you should enjoy your espresso. It's just making it easier to do so.
2. The Atom 75 is very good. ... ng-grinder
3. Not yet. But it will be under $100.
4. I don't quite understand this. The only sensor it has is the burr distance measurement sensor - so there is implicit fineness in that. As far as weighing is concerned, we are working on implied weight based on the Agtron score and grind time which is pretty close. More on that to come.


#9: Post by OK31 »

Thanks Adam, wish I'd known would have been likely to hold off until now :). what is the likelihood that the tech piece may be available for atom 75 owners to change the current panel? suspect that shouldn't be too difficult as it's simply the main board but then again what do I know. Would love to be able to retrofit mine :)

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#10: Post by yertchuk »

Does the grind setting sensor measure the position of the lower burr directly, or does it go from knob position?

I found that, on the Mignon range at least, there is noticeable backlash between the knob and the linear movement of the grind adjustment mechanism.