Just Arrived: The Ceado Life Coffee Grinder

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Hi everyone,

Happy Friday! We excited to announce the Life, Ceado's newest addition to their lineup of coffee grinders. There's a bit of a twist though because this is their first foray into making a grinder for home rather than the coffee shop. We've had plenty of hands-on time with this grinder and it's a welcome addition to our single-dosing offerings. The neat caveat here is that the Life actually has two configurations for on-demand hopper fed grinding as well as single dose grinding. With one twist of the knob you have access to the full grind range and the burrs are screwed in from the back for a seamless cutting surface.

We break down the basics in our video above but are happy to answer any questions you might have in this thread. All four colors are linked below:

Todd Salzman
Whole Latte Love