Jackrabbit Midnight Hare Espresso 25% Off!

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Happy New Year! Jackrabbit wants to hop into the New Year with the best espresso ever. We are having a quick 25% off sale now through the end of tomorrow. If you buy a bag please give us some input on what you think about it. It's what we serve in our coffee shop and we are trying to hit a wide audience with it. Cheers!

https://jackrabbit.coffee/shop/coffee/b ... -espresso/

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For those who might be math-challenged, that comes out to $13.94 delivered for a 12 ounce bag. We tried it awhile back and my wife really liked it for her lattes.
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We got our first order of Midnight Hare Espresso and we were really pleased with the result, very sweet classic profile. It may become my wife's favorite latte coffee and I loved it for my morning eye opener Americano.

My wife got up before me today and used the Midnight Hare in her Aeropress morning first cup and really loved the result. Very sweet, great daily drinker. I think it will be displacing her long time favorite Doma for Aeroproess duties.

Lightning fast shipping, really nice people.

jackrabbitcoffee (original poster)
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Thanks for the review! We have put a lot of effort into our espresso blend, and it's awesome to hear some feedback. For those of you that haven't tried it.....it's a darker blend that works awesome for milk drinks.