Introducing Espresso Forge's Barista Tools

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Introducing Espresso Forge's Barista Tools.
Hey everyone, I'm excited to hop on here and share a couple of new things with you- coffee tools we designed for the home espresso enthusiast and coffee professionals alike.

We set out to create a barista essentials kit that was affordable while still hand-made in Colorado. The kit is equipped with a 58mm flat tamper, a stainless steel 58mm portafilter funnel, and an aluminum WDT. The kit retails for $97.99, which offers a savings of 20% over buying the 3 pieces separately. The kit can be seen here: ... tials-kit/

We all know how important the WDT tool is - it minimizes channeling and stabilizes the coffee bed. In turn, this slows the flow rate down, allowing for higher extractions in the cup. We designed this WDT with ergonomics and lifetime durability in mind and retails for $34.99.

The Tamper
Our anodized tampers come in black or silver, featuring an aluminum handle and high-quality stainless steel flat base. They retail for $64.99

If you have made it this far, we really appreciate you and are offering HB members a 10% discount using the code "HB-Family".



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Maybe slice the WDT bottom smh like 45°, otherwise it looks like a mini booby trap


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Love my Forge and already have one of these dosing funnels and love it too.

I primarily use my forge for travel. It would be great to see these bundled up into some sort of travel box, maybe the box could double as a mini knock box or something.

Keep up the good work!

EspressoForge (original poster)

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Appreciate the message Russel! Love the idea of bundling these up into a travel kit with the knock box, will definitely look into it. We are putting together a to-go bundle and at-home bundle at the moment - the to-go has a Lido OG grinder, and the at-home one rocking a Baratza grinder. Is the knock box the thing you're missing the most when you travel? What kettle do you usually travel with? Appreciate the love on the Forge and the feedback for a travel box!


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When I travel I usually bring my tamper, distribution tool (unnecessary) and WDT tool with me. I have a Helor 101 for grinding for its small size. After chatting with you guys on Instagram I just went out and picked up a Stagg EKG kettle. I have a 'tool roll' that I travel with that my Forge and 4 portafilter baskets roll up into and I can throw in a suitcase.

I never know what to do with grinds when I am traveling and usually end up knocking straight from the basket into the garbage.

I have always thought it would be super cool to have a small box big enough for a tamper, WDT and maybe a Acaia Lunar or a shot mirror. Something that would keep those things safe when traveling that could do double duty as a knock box.